DECO FUN is manufacturing children furniture and home décor using secondary wood products.  With the head office in Užice where manufacture is situated and with warehouse in Belgrade, the most of its production is distributed through wholesale – retailers, department stores and hipper markets covering almost all parts of Serbia and Montenegro.

produces following children furniture and accessories - wall lamps, pendants, coat hangers, wall hooks, mirrors, shelves, children’s motivated pictures, wooden flowers, various children furniture. The second part of our production line offers various products designed and distributed by DECO FUN made in partnership with other manufacturers.

All DECO FUN products are first grade/class beech using various finishing technologies - laser wood cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, various printing technologies, etc.

DECO FUN also makes custom made products for buyers with special needs and their advertising campaigns.

DECO FUN also provides services of  engraving and laser cutting, curve shaped cutting of wood up to 30 mm thick and serial painting of small objects.

The packaging is done by worldwide retail sale standards - all our products are user friendly packed with a bar code. Wholesale distribution is also done with adequate transport packaging, suitable for storage requirements.

Our goal for year 2007 is meeting EU Standard E71, to implement CE mark, to broaden the production line, to fully satisfy Serbia and Montenegro market demand and to start exporting.

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